The Blessing:
You are a Beautiful,
Energetic Being!

No Boundaries:
between the spaces
where you & I meet
there is a song
in the heart so sweet
holding onto tomorrow
too fast
letting the past
just slip away

My heart is open
for the breath of the invisible
to whisper secret words
through my veins
or loud lion roars.
Let go of the waiting.

A Prayer:
Let the wind
blow my thoughts
away today.
I thank the Earth
for my wings -
that I may jump off
and find myself
in the midst
of loving you.

When we feel
into the heart
we can choose
to see the color
in the light -
it's in the nature of darkness
to see only black & white

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With a BA in Clinical Psychology & an MA in Transpersonal Counseling, I am a certified massage therapist practicing bodywork for over 20 years. I have also studied Hakomi Therapy with Ron Kurtz & advanced Hakomi Skills Trainings with Richard Heckler, PhD.

Participating on Helen Palmer's Enneagram panels for several years enhanced my interest in integrating personality style, spiritual essence and the body. I have also been on panels led by Sharon Berbower & Ben Salzman. I attended a therapists workgroup for 3 years in Diamond Heart Training, led by Hameed Ali.

I have contributed to a number of sexuality training videos for the Sinclair Institute, (Exploring G-Spot Stimulation & Creating Multiple Orgasms), appeared on a segment of HBO's Real Sex #20 on alternative relationships & recently partnered with Joseph Kramer on a two set training DVD, "Anal Massage For Relaxation & Pleasure and Anal Massage For Lovers." I am an affiliate & part of the teaching staff for

For 7 years my partner & I have given talks on "Intimate Communication In Expanded Relationships" for the Female Sexuality Course at UC Berkeley. I have offered Integrative Bodywork Seminars for peer health educators at the Stanford University Peer Health Education Department. In the past I have received referral clients from The Institute For Transpersonal Psychology's Spiritual Emergence Network...people who have had some form of emotional crises as a result of intense spiritual practice & been given a psychiatric diagnosis.

I am a somatic bodyworker, a transpersonal counselor, an erotic educator, a sex coach & a Cuddle Party Facilitator in training I have studied pelvic release with Jerry Brent & Pelvic-Heart Integration with Jack Painter.

Several years ago I completed certification in Sexological Bodywork offered through the Institute For the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. They are  online at: The Institute has received approval by the State of California to offer this advanced bodywork certification. The Bureau for Post-Secondary and Vocational Education approval can be found online at:

My main interests as an evolving Sexological Bodyworker are in identifying the individual experience of erotic essence & what inhibits it's free expression. In other words, what turns you on & what gets in the way of you more deeply feeling that turn-on. My central focus is to explore the underlying causes of shame/guilt-based identities, issues of body image & personal belief systems surrounding the embodiment of our sexuality.

It is my belief that many traditional psychotherapeutic methods along with massage therapy have avoided the gentials out of collective & individual shame. Religious repression & cultural stereotypes continue to reinforce a shadow about the true expression of our fundamental erotic nature. I am very interested in character structure, personality theory, object relations, spirituality, sexuality, Essence and how all of these interrelate with our physical bodies as seen through the lens of the Enneagram. I am currently working on a book called "Touching The Source: Principles of Enneagram Bodywork." My future educational goals include further in-depth study of Tomkin's Affect Theory, Schnarch's Erotic Matrix, the exploration of core erotic themes, role play, erotic trance, partner engagement & how these all relate to an increase of erotic embodiment. I am also interested in exploring the use of erotic energy in the treatment of ADHD, PTSD, as a potential treatment for people who have been prescribed Viagra or SSRI's, for substance abuse issues as well as for sexual addictions.

My desire is to open a dialog for the exploration of creating ethical standards for bodywork which include genital touch. I work with people who have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused. When a client comes to me for greater understaing & healing of these issues, I see the taboo of not touching the gentials as giving the client further messages of shame, guilt & victimhood. All touch with clients is one way & my clothes remain throughout each session.

I am deeply committed to our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual & erotic unfoldment.

Roy Turpin, MA, CMT, CSB
Sexological Bodyworker

82 Emery Bay Dr.
Emeryville, CA. 94608

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  "Experiencing Roy's bodywork has been one of the best things I've done for myself."
M. B. R., CPCC ~ Success Coach

  "Roy Turpin is a master bodyworker. His ability to provide an integrative therapeutic approach allows me to relax deeply and feel well taken care of. His natural intuition and emotional depth encourage me to express my full Essential Self."
Donna Carus - Healing Artist

  "I had the wonderful feeling of home-coming that happens when one encounters a true master. His insight into my moment-to-moment experience blew me away and filled me with immense gratitude. The power of his presence and touch and the amazing energy he channels softened and melted and healed my body, heart and psyche. I feel like a new woman!"
L. C. - Personal Coach

  "Your bodywork got to the source of the injury which was compressing my spine. This work allowed the chiropractic adjustments to hold & has left me without pain for the first time in three months. Finally I am back dancing again. Thank you!"
Valerie Taylor, Executive Director

  "Roy is a wonderful body therapist. His body work goes far beyond traditional bodywork. Through his conscious and compassionate presence, he creates a safe space for me to connect deeply with myself. My experience of myself in my body becomes a doorway to deep (and shallow, if need be) inner worlds. Roy holds the space for my own discovery of my inner territory, and offers guidance for healing what I choose to heal."
Nora Hoffman - Musician - 

  "Bodywork with Roy has been a very unique experience. I have found his work to be a wonderful combination of sensitive touch & intuitive connection which allow me to feel completely safe. This clearly indicates a knowledgeable understanding of the blending of the physical & the psychological aspects of somatic bodywork. He knows exactly where the physiological injuries are and how to approach them with an emotional respect. I would highly recommend Roy for bodywork. He values the healing of our bodies, encourages general stress reduction, and has the ability to create corrective emotional experiences for victims of physical, emotional & sexual abuse. For people who have had severe trauma, I believe Roy is clearly someone who holds respectful boundaries & is able to invite his clients through a deep therapeutic healing process."
Betsy Collins, MSW - Social Worker

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