As experienced Sexological Bodywork practitioners, we are devoted to encouraging integrative change in every part of our Being -- Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit. Working directly with the body is an extremely powerful way to quickly identify, deeply sense into and fully express our Erotic Essence.

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To be effective healers, we encourage corrective emotional experiences. We use Enneagram BodyworkSM to identify specific character issues which are aspects of our personality and expressions of our Spiritual Essence. Each of The 9 Enneagram Types identify the structure of these character issues & how our individual Essence is Being expressed through our personality. Through basic self inquiry, type is identified depending upon whether our essential strategy relies on:

Eight: Anger externalized; anger easily available (Integration)
Nine: Angry core; asleep with anger; passive aggressive (Identification)
One: Anger internalized; need to be right to make anger ok (Expression)


Seven: Fear externalized; fear diffused into pleasantries (Integration)
Six: Fearful core; project fear into environment (Identification)
Five: Fear internalized; fear of feeling (Expression)

Two: "What am I feeling?" is externalized; take on other's feelings (Integration)
Three: "What am I feeling?" is core; numbness as feelings are suspended (Identification)
Four: "What am I feeling?" is internalized; feelings are dramatized (Expression)

Through a re-education of our body, we deepen in our understanding and skillfull use of our entire Self. Exploring methods for transforming the mind and body, we define helpful strategic approaches and how these can be creatively applied to specific character issues. Identifying resistance and how it is held in the body, physically taking it over or supporting it, and allowing for a dissolving of these holding patterns, creates an authentic experience of harmony, joy and erotic sensation. We can locate our protective core, the place inside where we hold onto our deepest frustrations & fears. Allowing this core to be touched, we recognize how the body organizes its defenses, how it has formed character -- patterns of restricted breath, muscular contraction, and habitual movement, as well as unresolved or withheld thoughts and emotions. Experiencing shock or trauma in our lives, we learned to protect our Essence by using beliefs, attitudes and habits to try and hold ourselves together, hold ourselves back, hold ourselves upright or hold ourselves inside. Learning where and how this resistance physically manifests and experimenting with our breathing patterns we can more effortlessly experience Touching The Source of our Being.

Deep work with Essence incorporates work with the basic segments and diaphragms of body. Work with subtle energy centers, acupuncture meridians, chakras, naifs & nadis all contribute to a smoother more energetic flow in the body. Balancing the pelvis and pelvic floor as well as the knee and ankle articulations, the cranium, the floor and ceiling of the mouth, the thoracic inlet, first rib and the breathing diaphragm will both inform our potential and identify how we can ultimately let go of our holding. When these areas are released, they begin to shift spontaneously and rhythmically to better freely interact with one another, creating a flow of erotic warmth and well-being througout the body.

Some of the deepest work with our core issues involve pelvic release work. We often hold the strongest feelings, beliefs and attitudes about ourselves in our pelvis. Sexological Bodywork on the inner structures of the pelvis, the genitals and anus open up layers of tissue and feeling. By clearing away frustration, shame & guilt we connect with ourselves and others at more deep, intimate levels of love, joy and expansiveness.

I utilize a variety of forms of breathwork, Taoist Erotic Massage, Systematic Desensitazion, EMDR, Bi-Lateral Stimulation, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Polarity, Movement Awareness, Sensate Focus, internal anal & vaginal bodywork, prostate & penile Shiatsu, as well as techniques from other body-oriented psychotherapeutic methods such as Gestalt, Hakomi, Neo-Reichian & BioEnergetics.

Understanding the early messages we received about our body, our genitals, our gender and our previous sexual choices, are of supreme importance in becoming more embodied. Identifying current repetitive sexual patterns or emotional difficulties and integrating past sexual experiences is integral to uncovering shame. Dealing with the stress from past sexual experiences involving rape, molestation, incest, or repressive sexual ideas which originally created an inhibition toward life is essential. Using an attitude of curiousity, while approaching the resolution of sexual trauma by identifying the embodiment of excitment, will permit an uncovering of our essential erotic impulse and what it means for us to lead a more turned on life. Exploring masturbation technique, body relaxation, and mental expections involving sexual experience, we deliberately explore the fullness of sensation during orgasm. Our sexuality can become spiritually integrated by utilizing medibation (Erotic Meditation on our Sexual Essence). Learning anal breathing, cooling & charging breath, and Tantric or Taoist breathing techniques will permit the free experience and practice of sex magic. Directing our Erotic Essence into our daily lives we truly become models for healing shame in the world while normalizing our individual experience of having genitals.


Using psycho-physical methods, I encourage clients to release core resistance. With the release of these habits, beliefs and attitudes, clients often require further assistance to find balance & encouragement in integrating these new-found changes into their lives. By coordinating tissue, breath and feeling with specific ongoing characterologically somatic strategies, I help integrate major dimensions of Self including full expression of active-passive functioning and more authentic expressions of masculine-feminine energies.

As a Sexological Bodyworker, I utilize the P-LI-SS-IT* model.

The P-LI-SS-IT model for Sexual Counseling includes:
Permission (P): I create a climate of comfort and permission for my clients to discuss sexual concerns, introducing the topic of sexuality & validating all aspects of sexuality as legitimate health issues.

Limited Information (LI): I address specific sexual concerns and attempt to correct myths and misinformation.

Specific suggestions (SS): I compile a thorough sexual history & personality profile of my clients:
1) Defining the issues and concerns of my clients.
2) Determining the course of how these issues have evolved over time.
3) Facilitating an understanding of a client's concerns and providing options for resolution.
4) Assisting the client in re-formulating perceptions and ideas about their concerns by developing realistic solutions and appropriate goals.

Intensive Therapy (IT): I provide a specialized bodywork modality called Touching The SourceTM in which the many complex issues of life are addressed. These may include psychiatric diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsivity, personality issues, substance abuse, as well as interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts.

I am also trained to identify situations which may require more intensive therapy and will gladly make appropriate referrals to other qualified professionals as necessary.
(*Annon, JS (1976) Behavioral Treatment of Sexual Problems: Brief Therapy. Harper & Row, ISBN: 0-06-140265-6)

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